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United States Time Zone Map

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World Time Zone map

In addition to the United States, our website also offers a wealth of information on World Time Zones. Whether you're traveling internationally or conducting business with global partners, our World Time Zone section provides you with the necessary tools to manage time differences effectively. Stay organized and punctual with our reliable time zone converter and ensure seamless communication across borders.

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Note: The Time Zone Map specifically shows time zone boundaries and is not intended to be a political map.

World Time Zone List

With Timezonemap, you have the flexibility to search for any time zone by simply entering either the Country Name or GMT Offset. Whether you're looking for a specific country's time zone or need to find the time zone based on the GMT Offset, our website provides you with the necessary tools to quickly and accurately locate the desired information. Stay informed and effortlessly navigate time zones with Time zone list.

Country Code Country Name Time Zone GMT Offset
AF Afghanistan Asia/Kabul UTC +04:30
AL Albania Europe/Tirane UTC +01:00
DZ Algeria Africa/Algiers UTC +01:00
AS American Samoa Pacific/Pago_Pago UTC -11:00
AD Andorra Europe/Andorra UTC +01:00
AO Angola Africa/Luanda UTC +01:00
AI Anguilla America/Anguilla UTC -04:00
AQ Antarctica Antarctica/Casey UTC +08:00
AQ Antarctica Antarctica/Davis UTC +07:00
AQ Antarctica Antarctica/DumontDUrville UTC +10:00
AQ Antarctica Antarctica/Mawson UTC +05:00
AQ Antarctica Antarctica/McMurdo UTC +13:00
AQ Antarctica Antarctica/Palmer UTC -03:00
AQ Antarctica Antarctica/Rothera UTC -03:00
AQ Antarctica Antarctica/Syowa UTC +03:00
AQ Antarctica Antarctica/Troll UTC
AQ Antarctica Antarctica/Vostok UTC +05:00
AG Antigua and Barbuda America/Antigua UTC -04:00
AR Argentina America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires UTC -03:00
AR Argentina America/Argentina/Catamarca UTC -03:00
AR Argentina America/Argentina/Cordoba UTC -03:00
AR Argentina America/Argentina/Jujuy UTC -03:00
AR Argentina America/Argentina/La_Rioja UTC -03:00
AR Argentina America/Argentina/Mendoza UTC -03:00
AR Argentina America/Argentina/Rio_Gallegos UTC -03:00
AR Argentina America/Argentina/Salta UTC -03:00
AR Argentina America/Argentina/San_Juan UTC -03:00
AR Argentina America/Argentina/San_Luis UTC -03:00
AR Argentina America/Argentina/Tucuman UTC -03:00
AR Argentina America/Argentina/Ushuaia UTC -03:00
AM Armenia Asia/Yerevan UTC +04:00
AW Aruba America/Aruba UTC -04:00
AU Australia Antarctica/Macquarie UTC +11:00
AU Australia Australia/Adelaide UTC +10:30
AU Australia Australia/Brisbane UTC +10:00
AU Australia Australia/Broken_Hill UTC +10:30
AU Australia Australia/Darwin UTC +09:30
AU Australia Australia/Eucla UTC +08:45
AU Australia Australia/Hobart UTC +11:00
AU Australia Australia/Lindeman UTC +10:00
AU Australia Australia/Lord_Howe UTC +11:00
AU Australia Australia/Melbourne UTC +11:00
AU Australia Australia/Perth UTC +08:00
AU Australia Australia/Sydney UTC +11:00
AT Austria Europe/Vienna UTC +01:00
AZ Azerbaijan Asia/Baku UTC +04:00
BS Bahamas America/Nassau UTC -05:00
BH Bahrain Asia/Bahrain UTC +03:00
BD Bangladesh Asia/Dhaka UTC +06:00
BB Barbados America/Barbados UTC -04:00
BY Belarus Europe/Minsk UTC +03:00
BE Belgium Europe/Brussels UTC +01:00
BZ Belize America/Belize UTC -06:00
BJ Benin Africa/Porto-Novo UTC +01:00
BM Bermuda Atlantic/Bermuda UTC -04:00
BT Bhutan Asia/Thimphu UTC +06:00
BO Bolivia, Plurinational State of America/La_Paz UTC -04:00
BQ Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba America/Kralendijk UTC -04:00
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina Europe/Sarajevo UTC +01:00
BW Botswana Africa/Gaborone UTC +02:00
BR Brazil America/Araguaina UTC -03:00
BR Brazil America/Bahia UTC -03:00
BR Brazil America/Belem UTC -03:00
BR Brazil America/Boa_Vista UTC -04:00
BR Brazil America/Campo_Grande UTC -04:00
BR Brazil America/Cuiaba UTC -04:00
BR Brazil America/Eirunepe UTC -05:00
BR Brazil America/Fortaleza UTC -03:00
BR Brazil America/Maceio UTC -03:00
BR Brazil America/Manaus UTC -04:00
BR Brazil America/Noronha UTC -02:00
BR Brazil America/Porto_Velho UTC -04:00
BR Brazil America/Recife UTC -03:00
BR Brazil America/Rio_Branco UTC -05:00
BR Brazil America/Santarem UTC -03:00
BR Brazil America/Sao_Paulo UTC -03:00
IO British Indian Ocean Territory Indian/Chagos UTC +06:00
BN Brunei Darussalam Asia/Brunei UTC +08:00
BG Bulgaria Europe/Sofia UTC +02:00
BF Burkina Faso Africa/Ouagadougou UTC
BI Burundi Africa/Bujumbura UTC +02:00
KH Cambodia Asia/Phnom_Penh UTC +07:00
CM Cameroon Africa/Douala UTC +01:00
CA Canada America/Atikokan UTC -05:00
CA Canada America/Blanc-Sablon UTC -04:00
CA Canada America/Cambridge_Bay UTC -07:00
CA Canada America/Creston UTC -07:00
CA Canada America/Dawson UTC -07:00
CA Canada America/Dawson_Creek UTC -07:00
CA Canada America/Edmonton UTC -07:00
CA Canada America/Fort_Nelson UTC -07:00
CA Canada America/Glace_Bay UTC -04:00
CA Canada America/Goose_Bay UTC -04:00
CA Canada America/Halifax UTC -04:00
CA Canada America/Inuvik UTC -07:00
CA Canada America/Iqaluit UTC -05:00
CA Canada America/Moncton UTC -04:00
CA Canada America/Rankin_Inlet UTC -06:00
CA Canada America/Regina UTC -06:00
CA Canada America/Resolute UTC -06:00
CA Canada America/St_Johns UTC -03:30
CA Canada America/Swift_Current UTC -06:00
CA Canada America/Toronto UTC -05:00
CA Canada America/Vancouver UTC -08:00
CA Canada America/Whitehorse UTC -07:00
CA Canada America/Winnipeg UTC -06:00
CV Cape Verde Atlantic/Cape_Verde UTC -01:00
KY Cayman Islands America/Cayman UTC -05:00
CF Central African Republic Africa/Bangui UTC +01:00
TD Chad Africa/Ndjamena UTC +01:00
CL Chile America/Punta_Arenas UTC -03:00
CL Chile America/Santiago UTC -03:00
CL Chile Pacific/Easter UTC -05:00
CN China Asia/Shanghai UTC +08:00
CN China Asia/Urumqi UTC +06:00
CX Christmas Island Indian/Christmas UTC +07:00
CC Cocos (Keeling) Islands Indian/Cocos UTC +06:30
CO Colombia America/Bogota UTC -05:00
KM Comoros Indian/Comoro UTC +03:00
CG Congo Africa/Brazzaville UTC +01:00
CD Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Africa/Kinshasa UTC +01:00
CD Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Africa/Lubumbashi UTC +02:00
CK Cook Islands Pacific/Rarotonga UTC -10:00
CR Costa Rica America/Costa_Rica UTC -06:00
HR Croatia Europe/Zagreb UTC +01:00
CU Cuba America/Havana UTC -05:00
CW Curaçao America/Curacao UTC -04:00
CY Cyprus Asia/Famagusta UTC +02:00
CY Cyprus Asia/Nicosia UTC +02:00
CZ Czech Republic Europe/Prague UTC +01:00
CI Côte d'Ivoire Africa/Abidjan UTC
DK Denmark Europe/Copenhagen UTC +01:00
DJ Djibouti Africa/Djibouti UTC +03:00
DM Dominica America/Dominica UTC -04:00
DO Dominican Republic America/Santo_Domingo UTC -04:00
EC Ecuador America/Guayaquil UTC -05:00
EC Ecuador Pacific/Galapagos UTC -06:00
EG Egypt Africa/Cairo UTC +02:00
SV El Salvador America/El_Salvador UTC -06:00
GQ Equatorial Guinea Africa/Malabo UTC +01:00
ER Eritrea Africa/Asmara UTC +03:00
EE Estonia Europe/Tallinn UTC +02:00
ET Ethiopia Africa/Addis_Ababa UTC +03:00
FK Falkland Islands (Malvinas) Atlantic/Stanley UTC -03:00
FO Faroe Islands Atlantic/Faroe UTC
FJ Fiji Pacific/Fiji UTC +12:00
FI Finland Europe/Helsinki UTC +02:00
FR France Europe/Paris UTC +01:00
GF French Guiana America/Cayenne UTC -03:00
PF French Polynesia Pacific/Gambier UTC -09:00
PF French Polynesia Pacific/Marquesas UTC -09:30
PF French Polynesia Pacific/Tahiti UTC -10:00
TF French Southern Territories Indian/Kerguelen UTC +05:00
GA Gabon Africa/Libreville UTC +01:00
GM Gambia Africa/Banjul UTC
GE Georgia Asia/Tbilisi UTC +04:00
DE Germany Europe/Berlin UTC +01:00
DE Germany Europe/Busingen UTC +01:00
GH Ghana Africa/Accra UTC
GI Gibraltar Europe/Gibraltar UTC +01:00
GR Greece Europe/Athens UTC +02:00
GL Greenland America/Danmarkshavn UTC
GL Greenland America/Nuuk UTC -02:00
GL Greenland America/Scoresbysund UTC -01:00
GL Greenland America/Thule UTC -04:00
GD Grenada America/Grenada UTC -04:00
GP Guadeloupe America/Guadeloupe UTC -04:00
GU Guam Pacific/Guam UTC +10:00
GT Guatemala America/Guatemala UTC -06:00
GG Guernsey Europe/Guernsey UTC
GN Guinea Africa/Conakry UTC
GW Guinea-Bissau Africa/Bissau UTC
GY Guyana America/Guyana UTC -04:00
HT Haiti America/Port-au-Prince UTC -05:00
VA Holy See (Vatican City State) Europe/Vatican UTC +01:00
HN Honduras America/Tegucigalpa UTC -06:00
HK Hong Kong Asia/Hong_Kong UTC +08:00
HU Hungary Europe/Budapest UTC +01:00
IS Iceland Atlantic/Reykjavik UTC
IN India Asia/Kolkata UTC +05:30
ID Indonesia Asia/Jakarta UTC +07:00
ID Indonesia Asia/Jayapura UTC +09:00
ID Indonesia Asia/Makassar UTC +08:00
ID Indonesia Asia/Pontianak UTC +07:00
IR Iran, Islamic Republic of Asia/Tehran UTC +03:30
IQ Iraq Asia/Baghdad UTC +03:00
IE Ireland Europe/Dublin UTC
IM Isle of Man Europe/Isle_of_Man UTC
IL Israel Asia/Jerusalem UTC +02:00
IT Italy Europe/Rome UTC +01:00
JM Jamaica America/Jamaica UTC -05:00
JP Japan Asia/Tokyo UTC +09:00
JE Jersey Europe/Jersey UTC
JO Jordan Asia/Amman UTC +03:00
KZ Kazakhstan Asia/Almaty UTC +06:00
KZ Kazakhstan Asia/Aqtau UTC +05:00
KZ Kazakhstan Asia/Aqtobe UTC +05:00
KZ Kazakhstan Asia/Atyrau UTC +05:00
KZ Kazakhstan Asia/Oral UTC +05:00
KZ Kazakhstan Asia/Qostanay UTC +06:00
KZ Kazakhstan Asia/Qyzylorda UTC +05:00
KE Kenya Africa/Nairobi UTC +03:00
KI Kiribati Pacific/Kanton UTC +13:00
KI Kiribati Pacific/Kiritimati UTC +14:00
KI Kiribati Pacific/Tarawa UTC +12:00
KP Korea, Democratic People's Republic of Asia/Pyongyang UTC +09:00
KR Korea, Republic of Asia/Seoul UTC +09:00
KW Kuwait Asia/Kuwait UTC +03:00
KG Kyrgyzstan Asia/Bishkek UTC +06:00
LA Lao People's Democratic Republic Asia/Vientiane UTC +07:00
LV Latvia Europe/Riga UTC +02:00
LB Lebanon Asia/Beirut UTC +02:00
LS Lesotho Africa/Maseru UTC +02:00
LR Liberia Africa/Monrovia UTC
LY Libya Africa/Tripoli UTC +02:00
LI Liechtenstein Europe/Vaduz UTC +01:00
LT Lithuania Europe/Vilnius UTC +02:00
LU Luxembourg Europe/Luxembourg UTC +01:00
MO Macao Asia/Macau UTC +08:00
MK Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Europe/Skopje UTC +01:00
MG Madagascar Indian/Antananarivo UTC +03:00
MW Malawi Africa/Blantyre UTC +02:00
MY Malaysia Asia/Kuala_Lumpur UTC +08:00
MY Malaysia Asia/Kuching UTC +08:00
MV Maldives Indian/Maldives UTC +05:00
ML Mali Africa/Bamako UTC
MT Malta Europe/Malta UTC +01:00
MH Marshall Islands Pacific/Kwajalein UTC +12:00
MH Marshall Islands Pacific/Majuro UTC +12:00
MQ Martinique America/Martinique UTC -04:00
MR Mauritania Africa/Nouakchott UTC
MU Mauritius Indian/Mauritius UTC +04:00
YT Mayotte Indian/Mayotte UTC +03:00
MX Mexico America/Bahia_Banderas UTC -06:00
MX Mexico America/Cancun UTC -05:00
MX Mexico America/Chihuahua UTC -06:00
MX Mexico America/Ciudad_Juarez UTC -07:00
MX Mexico America/Hermosillo UTC -07:00
MX Mexico America/Matamoros UTC -06:00
MX Mexico America/Mazatlan UTC -07:00
MX Mexico America/Merida UTC -06:00
MX Mexico America/Mexico_City UTC -06:00
MX Mexico America/Monterrey UTC -06:00
MX Mexico America/Ojinaga UTC -06:00
MX Mexico America/Tijuana UTC -08:00
FM Micronesia, Federated States of Pacific/Chuuk UTC +10:00
FM Micronesia, Federated States of Pacific/Kosrae UTC +11:00
FM Micronesia, Federated States of Pacific/Pohnpei UTC +11:00
MD Moldova, Republic of Europe/Chisinau UTC +02:00
MC Monaco Europe/Monaco UTC +01:00
MN Mongolia Asia/Choibalsan UTC +08:00
MN Mongolia Asia/Hovd UTC +07:00
MN Mongolia Asia/Ulaanbaatar UTC +08:00
ME Montenegro Europe/Podgorica UTC +01:00
MS Montserrat America/Montserrat UTC -04:00
MA Morocco Africa/Casablanca UTC +01:00
MA Morocco Africa/El_Aaiun UTC +01:00
MZ Mozambique Africa/Maputo UTC +02:00
MM Myanmar Asia/Yangon UTC +06:30
NA Namibia Africa/Windhoek UTC +02:00
NR Nauru Pacific/Nauru UTC +12:00
NP Nepal Asia/Kathmandu UTC +05:45
NL Netherlands Europe/Amsterdam UTC +01:00
NC New Caledonia Pacific/Noumea UTC +11:00
NZ New Zealand Pacific/Auckland UTC +13:00
NZ New Zealand Pacific/Chatham UTC +13:45
NI Nicaragua America/Managua UTC -06:00
NE Niger Africa/Niamey UTC +01:00
NG Nigeria Africa/Lagos UTC +01:00
NU Niue Pacific/Niue UTC -11:00
NF Norfolk Island Pacific/Norfolk UTC +12:00
MP Northern Mariana Islands Pacific/Saipan UTC +10:00
NO Norway Europe/Oslo UTC +01:00
OM Oman Asia/Muscat UTC +04:00
PK Pakistan Asia/Karachi UTC +05:00
PW Palau Pacific/Palau UTC +09:00
PS Palestine, State of Asia/Gaza UTC +02:00
PS Palestine, State of Asia/Hebron UTC +02:00
PA Panama America/Panama UTC -05:00
PG Papua New Guinea Pacific/Bougainville UTC +11:00
PG Papua New Guinea Pacific/Port_Moresby UTC +10:00
PY Paraguay America/Asuncion UTC -03:00
PE Peru America/Lima UTC -05:00
PH Philippines Asia/Manila UTC +08:00
PN Pitcairn Pacific/Pitcairn UTC -08:00
PL Poland Europe/Warsaw UTC +01:00
PT Portugal Atlantic/Azores UTC -01:00
PT Portugal Atlantic/Madeira UTC
PT Portugal Europe/Lisbon UTC
PR Puerto Rico America/Puerto_Rico UTC -04:00
QA Qatar Asia/Qatar UTC +03:00
RO Romania Europe/Bucharest UTC +02:00
RU Russian Federation Asia/Anadyr UTC +12:00
RU Russian Federation Asia/Barnaul UTC +07:00
RU Russian Federation Asia/Chita UTC +09:00
RU Russian Federation Asia/Irkutsk UTC +08:00
RU Russian Federation Asia/Kamchatka UTC +12:00
RU Russian Federation Asia/Khandyga UTC +09:00
RU Russian Federation Asia/Krasnoyarsk UTC +07:00
RU Russian Federation Asia/Magadan UTC +11:00
RU Russian Federation Asia/Novokuznetsk UTC +07:00
RU Russian Federation Asia/Novosibirsk UTC +07:00
RU Russian Federation Asia/Omsk UTC +06:00
RU Russian Federation Asia/Sakhalin UTC +11:00
RU Russian Federation Asia/Srednekolymsk UTC +11:00
RU Russian Federation Asia/Tomsk UTC +07:00
RU Russian Federation Asia/Ust-Nera UTC +10:00
RU Russian Federation Asia/Vladivostok UTC +10:00
RU Russian Federation Asia/Yakutsk UTC +09:00
RU Russian Federation Asia/Yekaterinburg UTC +05:00
RU Russian Federation Europe/Astrakhan UTC +04:00
RU Russian Federation Europe/Kaliningrad UTC +02:00
RU Russian Federation Europe/Kirov UTC +03:00
RU Russian Federation Europe/Moscow UTC +03:00
RU Russian Federation Europe/Samara UTC +04:00
RU Russian Federation Europe/Saratov UTC +04:00
RU Russian Federation Europe/Ulyanovsk UTC +04:00
RU Russian Federation Europe/Volgograd UTC +03:00
RW Rwanda Africa/Kigali UTC +02:00
RE Runion Indian/Reunion UTC +04:00
BL Saint Barthélemy America/St_Barthelemy UTC -04:00
SH Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Atlantic/St_Helena UTC
KN Saint Kitts and Nevis America/St_Kitts UTC -04:00
LC Saint Lucia America/St_Lucia UTC -04:00
MF Saint Martin (French part) America/Marigot UTC -04:00
PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon America/Miquelon UTC -03:00
VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines America/St_Vincent UTC -04:00
WS Samoa Pacific/Apia UTC +13:00
SM San Marino Europe/San_Marino UTC +01:00
ST Sao Tome and Principe Africa/Sao_Tome UTC
SA Saudi Arabia Asia/Riyadh UTC +03:00
SN Senegal Africa/Dakar UTC
RS Serbia Europe/Belgrade UTC +01:00
SC Seychelles Indian/Mahe UTC +04:00
SL Sierra Leone Africa/Freetown UTC
SG Singapore Asia/Singapore UTC +08:00
SX Sint Maarten (Dutch part) America/Lower_Princes UTC -04:00
SK Slovakia Europe/Bratislava UTC +01:00
SI Slovenia Europe/Ljubljana UTC +01:00
SB Solomon Islands Pacific/Guadalcanal UTC +11:00
SO Somalia Africa/Mogadishu UTC +03:00
ZA South Africa Africa/Johannesburg UTC +02:00
GS South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Atlantic/South_Georgia UTC -02:00
SS South Sudan Africa/Juba UTC +02:00
ES Spain Africa/Ceuta UTC +01:00
ES Spain Atlantic/Canary UTC
ES Spain Europe/Madrid UTC +01:00
LK Sri Lanka Asia/Colombo UTC +05:30
SD Sudan Africa/Khartoum UTC +02:00
SR Suriname America/Paramaribo UTC -03:00
SJ Svalbard and Jan Mayen Arctic/Longyearbyen UTC +01:00
SZ Swaziland Africa/Mbabane UTC +02:00
SE Sweden Europe/Stockholm UTC +01:00
CH Switzerland Europe/Zurich UTC +01:00
SY Syrian Arab Republic Asia/Damascus UTC +03:00
TW Taiwan, Province of China Asia/Taipei UTC +08:00
TJ Tajikistan Asia/Dushanbe UTC +05:00
TZ Tanzania, United Republic of Africa/Dar_es_Salaam UTC +03:00
TH Thailand Asia/Bangkok UTC +07:00
TL Timor-Leste Asia/Dili UTC +09:00
TG Togo Africa/Lome UTC
TK Tokelau Pacific/Fakaofo UTC +13:00
TO Tonga Pacific/Tongatapu UTC +13:00
TT Trinidad and Tobago America/Port_of_Spain UTC -04:00
TN Tunisia Africa/Tunis UTC +01:00
TR Turkey Europe/Istanbul UTC +03:00
TM Turkmenistan Asia/Ashgabat UTC +05:00
TC Turks and Caicos Islands America/Grand_Turk UTC -05:00
TV Tuvalu Pacific/Funafuti UTC +12:00
UG Uganda Africa/Kampala UTC +03:00
UA Ukraine Europe/Kyiv UTC +02:00
UA Ukraine Europe/Simferopol UTC +03:00
AE United Arab Emirates Asia/Dubai UTC +04:00
GB United Kingdom Europe/London UTC
US United States America/Adak UTC -10:00
US United States America/Anchorage UTC -09:00
US United States America/Boise UTC -07:00
US United States America/Chicago UTC -06:00
US United States America/Denver UTC -07:00
US United States America/Detroit UTC -05:00
US United States America/Indiana/Indianapolis UTC -05:00
US United States America/Indiana/Knox UTC -06:00
US United States America/Indiana/Marengo UTC -05:00
US United States America/Indiana/Petersburg UTC -05:00
US United States America/Indiana/Tell_City UTC -06:00
US United States America/Indiana/Vevay UTC -05:00
US United States America/Indiana/Vincennes UTC -05:00
US United States America/Indiana/Winamac UTC -05:00
US United States America/Juneau UTC -09:00
US United States America/Kentucky/Louisville UTC -05:00
US United States America/Kentucky/Monticello UTC -05:00
US United States America/Los_Angeles UTC -08:00
US United States America/Menominee UTC -06:00
US United States America/Metlakatla UTC -09:00
US United States America/New_York UTC -05:00
US United States America/Nome UTC -09:00
US United States America/North_Dakota/Beulah UTC -06:00
US United States America/North_Dakota/Center UTC -06:00
US United States America/North_Dakota/New_Salem UTC -06:00
US United States America/Phoenix UTC -07:00
US United States America/Sitka UTC -09:00
US United States America/Yakutat UTC -09:00
US United States Pacific/Honolulu UTC -10:00
UM United States Minor Outlying Islands Pacific/Midway UTC -11:00
UM United States Minor Outlying Islands Pacific/Wake UTC +12:00
UY Uruguay America/Montevideo UTC -03:00
UZ Uzbekistan Asia/Samarkand UTC +05:00
UZ Uzbekistan Asia/Tashkent UTC +05:00
VU Vanuatu Pacific/Efate UTC +11:00
VE Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of America/Caracas UTC -04:00
VN Viet Nam Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh UTC +07:00
VG Virgin Islands, British America/Tortola UTC -04:00
VI Virgin Islands, U.S. America/St_Thomas UTC -04:00
WF Wallis and Futuna Pacific/Wallis UTC +12:00
YE Yemen Asia/Aden UTC +03:00
ZM Zambia Africa/Lusaka UTC +02:00
ZW Zimbabwe Africa/Harare UTC +02:00
AX Åland Islands Europe/Mariehamn UTC +02:00